All around the globe their is a need of transparent Protection Screens in an effort to provide further protection to their staff, enforcing social distancing guidelines and being part of the solution of a Global crisis that not only effects you, your family and people all around us but has a big impact on your business ,the economy and the job security of Millions. All parts of Protection Screens are produced and assembled locally in further support of our Local Economy.

Protection Screens can help ensure the required distance between customers and staff without being a disruption to service, visibility or aesthetics. Protection Screens are ideal for all areas where strict social distancing between customers and employees is needed.

  • Versatile and suitable for variety of applications where protection is needed
  • Easy to fabricate and to work with, resulting in Fast Delivery times.
  • Lead Time from production to delivery in 48 hours
  • Easy installation: Simple 3 step set-up of your personal Protection Screen
  • The protection screens are brandable to your business needs
  • Both permanent installation or portable protection screens made possible
  • High-quality 9mm glass plate which is Scratch free and easy to clean 
  • Protection screens combine safety with aesthetics

Protection screens can help protect you and the people around you against SARS-CoV-2 by lowering the risk of infection through airborne droplets. 


Protection Screens and counter attachments are also ideal for the catering industry and grocery stores, pharmacies and other shops, Transportation: Public and Private and can be beneficial in offices and doctors’ practices.