-  Is this system suitable for every type of car?

Due to the 7 milled lines, this system is universally applicable to any taxi (passenger car and minibus with up to 1 seat for a front passenger).

- Can this screen easily break?

Our screens are made of 3mm impact resistant polycarbonate which makes these panels unbreakable and provides protection against potentially dangerous customers or easily transmittable diseases. If this screen is destroyed or damaged, it can easily be ordered separately afterwards.

- Can everyone install this screen themselves?

The installation of the screen consists of 4 screws and takes 5 minutes. Check our clear installation movie.

-  Don't get any scratches on it?

With daily use this will definitely scratch the screen. To minimize this, we recommend that you maintain the screen with the cleaning products we offer.


- Is this screen easy to assemble?

1 person can assemble this screen perfectly, the instructions must be strictly followed. Check our clear assembly video.

- Are the lacquered feet also available in other colours?

These are standard available in white at the price shown, any other colour is possible subject to an additional cost to be agreed per order.

- What should I do if the glass is broken?

Provided we receive clear photos of the glass and the packaging, we will arrange for a new delivery to the collection point as soon as possible.


- Can we get extra discounts for larger quantities?

We give extra discounts for orders from 10pcs, please email or call us at sales@protectionscreen.eu or + and ask for Anthony.

- Can we also deliver abroad Belgium?

Yes, we deliver beyond our borders.